Does CBD Help with Sleep?

How CBD Helps with Sleep

Hitting the hay sounds easy, but it can be a struggle for some people. Not only does falling asleep pose a challenge, but staying asleep or feeling rested upon waking can be so daunting that people turn to alternative measures for relief. CBD, or cannabidiol, is on the rise to help people relax, fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep without feeling Tired the next day. Insomnia describes difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or getting a quality night’s sleep which can be acute or chronic. Treatment options range from having low light, dark curtains, noise machines, no noise at all, prescription medication, essential oils for relaxation and more. CBD is popular now more than ever as a way to break through the things that don’t work for some people and find relief. Consider what types of CBD are on the market to get a better night’s sleep and why clinical trials have suggested CBD may improve sleep but there is still more to understand about how it works. The main reason is to under how CBD helps with sleep.

Does CBD oil make you sleepy?

CBD (cannabidiol) can contribute to a relaxed feeling and state of mind but it may not make a person feel sleepy or tired. The question of does CBD make you sleep depends on the CBD products and when they are taken. Cortisol levels may actually have something to do with it as those levels were found to drop in a study of participants who took 300 to 600 mg of CBD oil. This may well help people feel more sleepy. When to take CBD oil for sleep is as important as how much is taken. CBD can be taken up to 60 minutes prior to bedtime to give time for absorption. The time varies as to how CBD oil will take effect including dosage, metabolism, weight, and more. CBD oil used in food or drinks, for example, will take longer to be effective than dropping a tincture or oil directly under the tongue. The best strain for sleep with CBD may include:

  • Strains high in terpenes like terpinolene, myrcene and caryophyllene
  • Strains with smaller amounts of THC and CBD 
  • Products made from cannabis indica plants which have sedating effects
  • Hybrid plants depending on the dominant sativa and indica parts of the plant
  • Indica dominant hybrids may be more likely to produce sedating effects

Brands vary and strains do different things for different people. It ultimately depends on the person, their body composition and what they are looking for in their products. 

How CBD Helps with Sleep

Edibles and CBD sleep gummies for adults

Gummies and edibles are another way consumers look for CBD products to help them sleep. Calm gummies are popular because they are discreet and easy to take. How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep? Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Gummies with CBD last longer than tinctures 
  • CBD gummies may ease anxiety which helps promote better sleep
  • CBD gummies can ease muscle inflammation which may improve sleep by lowering pain and helping people fall asleep faster
  • Typical dosages range from 10 to 30mg but generally speaking its best to start low and small on doses then work up
  • CBD gummies may take 20 minutes or so to take effect so taking them before bed will be important about 30 to 60 minutes before desired sleep window

When deciding how many gummies I should take for sleep, it is always best to speak with your doctor first about any OTC meds or prescription drugs that might interact with CBD first. Even taking drugs like acetaminophen may be risky when dosing CBD for sleep depending on  your liver condition. 

CBD Gummies Overdose

CBD gummies taste yummy (like candy) and it is easy to see why people love their many flavors and colors. They are not just treats, however, they are to be taken in moderation and only as needed. Minor side effects may still occur like fatigue, GI issues for some people, or mild nausea. Depending on the person, they may or may not feel those effects. It is possible to take too much if someone takes hundreds of milligrams every day for some time which could lead to liver issues. The challenge is to discern dosage and take just enough to sort out the sleep issue without going overboard. Speak with a doctor or dispensary professional regarding proper doses for your situation. 

Delta 8 for sleep

Delta 8 THC is becoming a popular way to help people fall asleep faster potentially. Before Delta 8, Delta 9 was first on the market and made in a lab. Chemically similar to THC, Delta 8 came out, which can create a ‘high’ feeling but is also used as a sleep aid.

Delta 8 gummies for sleep can ease discomfort, pain, and anxiety to help a person rest to get a decent amount of sleep. Because Delta-8 also has fewer effects from THC, there is still a euphoric, relaxing effect, but it packs less punch and more of an easing the way into a peaceful slumber. Delta 8 sleep gummies are not regulated federally but are a great way to find rest at the end of the day just before heading to dreamland. 

Learn more about how Delta 8 can help restore your sleep and support your journey to a peaceful night of rest.

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