How CBD Affects the Brain: The Neurological Effects of CBD

How CBD Affects the Brain: The Neurological Effects of CBD

The brain has amazing plasticity, responding to visual and auditory stimuli, processing information at amazing speeds, and retaining information at faster and faster rates of speed. Just like the body, anything a person takes can impact the brain. CBD, or cannabidiol, is more popular than ever and is growing in use with its legalization. Consuming CBD can affect the brain in a variety of ways. Take a look at how CBD affects the brain and why people use it to cope with various ailments.

Defining CBD

CBD attaches to receptors in the body. The receptors impact different pathways in the body. Everything from blood pressure to serotonin production is affected. CBD is tested to ensure less than 0.3% THC is contained. Because CBD is a chemical compound, it has been regulated but not as widely as THC found in marijuana plants as it produces more psychoactive effects than CBD. Some key differences:

  • CBD attaches to different receptors in the endocannabinoid system (CB1 and CB2)
  • CBD is non psychoactive (no ‘high’)
  • CBD and THC have different legal statuses, benefits, and side effects

Neurological Effects of CBD

The medicinal benefits of CBD are what draw people into trying it out. More than ever, these benefits are being realized. CBD is a pain reliever that inhibits transmission receptors that interpret pain. Many people seek CBD to treat chronic pain and inflammation.


Conditions like PTSD can be devastating emotionally and physically. People who suffer from this condition often seek out CBD to reduce anxiety. Anxiety can affect everything from social interactions to employment and personal relationships. CBD is used to support feelings of restlessness and neurological impacts of PTSD or other reasons for anxiety and calm the body and mind down long enough to sleep and rest.

Neuroprotective Benefits

More research is being done around neurological degeneration. CBD can be helpful when treating progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s which slowly deteriorates the brain to see how it may impact the development of the disease as well as mitigate devastating neurological symptoms.

The Brain

Within the brain are many different pathways. From vanilloid receptors which play a part in pain reception to nuclear receptors, the brain can be impacted by CBD. Receptors carry messages in the brain and to the rest of the body. Orphan receptors, for instance, help regulate blood pressure and body temperature. When these receptors are overactive, cancer cells may migrate throughout the body. CBD can help block signals, thereby potentially reducing the growth of new cancer cells.


Serotonin is an important part of the body, with production affecting overall mood and sense of well-being. CBD targets the serotonin 1A receptor, resulting in therapeutic effects. The production of serotonin can affect how the body produces happiness. When CBD increases serotonin production, it helps treat conditions including depression and nausea.

That’s a Wrap

While CBD affects the brain, it is important to understand the myriad reasons a trusted source is key to overall health. An educated and trained dispensary and professionals can guide you to finding the best CBD for your particular situation. Whether it is understanding how to navigate anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more, learning how to find the right dose and use of CBD for the best neurological outcomes is key to achieving the best results for your overall health.


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