How Much CBD for Dogs? A Dog Owner’s Guide to CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gone to the dogs. Research is still ongoing around the impact CBD may have on our canine friends. People love their dogs like humans and want to give them the best. Though evidence is still being looked into as to the benefits of CBD oil, it can’t hurt to find out why people are choosing this amazing natural compound for their pooches.

Impact of CBD on Dogs

Mammals have a regulatory endocannabinoid system that supports appetite, mood, memory, and metabolism. CBD is one way to positively impact these functions in dogs. CBD works by replacing endocannabinoids and binding to their receptors in the body. How much to give a dog depends on many factors. 

Safety of CBD for Dogs

Like with most things, there are recommended doses to give humans and pets whether it’s medicine or medicinals. CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated as a supplement for healthy dogs. Some side effects may occur like feeling more sleepy or low blood pressure. If the dose is low and a veterinarian is monitoring usage, CBD is considered a safe and effective product for dogs. 

How CBD Helps Dogs

Just like humans, dogs experience mood swings, emotions, and physical challenges. Health issues can make it difficult for humans who want to support their pooches feeling their best. CBD oil has some health benefits to be aware of, with fewer side effects than many medications. It is a natural, healthy way to support the immune system and boost overall health in dogs. Just some of the ways CBD oil can help dogs:

  • Arthritis, joint pain and impaired mobility
  • Other types of chronic pain
  • Allergies including atopic dermatitis and seasonal allergies 
  • Balancing immune system to boost response to pain, discomfort or aid in better overall health
  • Dogs are developing cancer at increasing rates and CBD oil for dogs can help destroy cancer cells, support overall immunity and even shrink tumours
  • Anti-nausea effects to help relieve side effects of chemotherapy

Other types of ailments that CBD oil supports in dogs are epilepsy, anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity. Speak with a veterinarian about how to best support your dog’s needs.

Dosing CBD Oil in Dogs

When considering how much CBD for dogs is appropriate, consider the recommended dos is between 1 and 5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight per day. Dosage will vary depending on the dog’s health condition, any prior adverse reactions or underlying concerns. Starting with a lower dose is the best bet. The good news is dogs cannot overdose on CBD, it will however make them very sleepy. Some of the best ways to give dogs CBD are sublingual by mouth, CBD infused dog treats like chews or bake it into homemade CBD treats. 

Look at the source and type of extracts being used for best type of CBD oil. Some have fewer side effects than others. Full spectrum CBD oil offers the most benefits and is considered a good and safe bet for dogs. Also look for products made in the USA and organic. Tinctures made in the USA from organic hemp is also healthier as it avoids pesticides sometimes found in industrial hemp. 

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