How to Use CBD for Your Post-Workout Recovery

How to Use CBD for Your Post-Workout Recovery

People who work out know that recovery can mean everything from sore muscles to stiff joints and other challenges. A good post-workout recovery supplement can aid in post-recovery inflammation, fatigue, and more. Consumers who enjoy a good workout are also turning to CBD for post-workout recovery. Cannabinoid supplements recovery in many ways that may surprise people who thought it was mostly a recreational remedy or for other medicinal purposes. Find out why more athletes and everyday consumers are turning to CBD for post-workout health and healing.

How CBD Works

Working out inherently has many benefits. From increased cardiovascular health to better energy and enhanced mood, there isn’t much better than getting in even a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day. When people work out, they feel better, can lose weight, and love the feeling of being energized. What they don’t always love are the side effects of feeling sore, tired, or lethargic hours or even days after moderate to heavy workout sessions. CBD is the perfect remedy to combat some of the effects. It helps to:

  • Reduce depressive symptoms
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower anxiety
  • Increase overall functioning and take away tenderness or soreness after workouts

CBD is used by athletes and professionals in sports who often get injuries and deal with common aches and pains from being in elite sports. CBD helps muscles heal from tears to sprains, strains, and even dehydration from overexertion. Intense workouts, while healthy, can also take a toll on a person’s body. CBD works by interacting with CB2 receptors in the immune and nervous systems to help reduce and heal painful symptoms post-workout.

Reduce Cortisol

Stress hormones kick in when a person is under pressure at work, at home, or even after a workout. The hormone inhibits new tissue growth and creates inflammation in the body. Building new muscle is often a workout goal but is hindered by too much cortisol production in the body. CBD helps to reduce cortisol levels and helps the body get on the fast track to recovery.

Sleep and CBD

Getting a good night’s rest after a workout seems like a no-brainer, only it may be hindered by stiff joints or sore muscles. After a workout, the body needs to rest and repair. CBD has been used by people in many situations to ease their way to a good night’s sleep. On top of anxiety-reducing properties, CBD is commonly used to help people hit the snooze button faster and stay asleep longer. During REM sleep is when the body gets its best rest and CBD is helpful in this regard.

Find What Works

The challenge with CBD is figuring out how much, when, and how often to use it. CBD for post-workout recovery requires trying out various ways it works for the best personal results. Maybe it is best used after heavy lifting workouts versus runs. Some people might like it for joint and muscle recovery after a long-distance run or training session for sports. Whatever the reason, CBD helps people recover from all kinds of workout routines and can support better overall health. Speak to a health professional about other supplements being used in conjunction with CBD and check with a licensed professional who understands CBD and what your needs are to see what is recommended for optimal results.


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