Muscle Relief Using CBD Blend Roll-On Topicals


With all the varieties of CBD available, topicals are making a big splash. Lotions, creams, and other topicals are the latest trend in taking care of the skin (with a twist). While some may find relief from it, others remain skeptical of its benefits. CBD for muscle relief is one way to experience benefits even if some question its efficacy. A topical CBD can have more benefits than people realize. Find out why it is being used for muscle relief and is challenging doubters along the way.

Using Topical CBD

Consumers use topical CBD and CBD roll-on for muscle tension and soreness but also for conditions like arthritis or in sports medicine for relief. Aches and pains can affect the quality of life. CBD roll-on can be used to support pain relief when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) don’t seem to work or in addition to other types of pain relief. 


Topical CBD products work against inflammation to lower the body’s response to it, especially in the joints. The product doesn’t enter the bloodstream but still has a positive impact. Due to a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors on the skin, they receive a signal from CBD that impacts the endocannabinoid system associated with sensation, immune function, and more. In 2018, researchers tested the efficacy of topical CBD gel regarding osteoarthritis-related knee pain in participants. Over 12 weeks, they were monitored as they used different doses of CBD oil. Participants who used CBD daily were found to have experienced significant improvement over those who didn’t use the topical (placebo group). Results vary for every person, but one study of many confirms some efficacy of CBD for muscle relief and pain management. 

Getting Started

Consumers are not waiting around for more clinical trials to confirm what they already know. Or, at least, hope to discover themselves. The skin absorbs everything and topical CBD is no different. The key is being educated on the uses and effectiveness of topical creams and roll on varieties containing CBD. Consumers who develop a relationship with a trusted dispensary can have lots of success after some trial-and-error. The key is to ask lots of questions before getting started. Some key things to keep in mind:

  • Try before you buy. Find a reliable, quality product with a trusted partner
  • CBD cannot cure anything so be vigilant of any claims of ‘cure’
  • Look for authenticity the product is tested in a lab and what exactly it contains and what its uses
  • Talk to a doctor about the CBD product and any interactions with existing medication
  • Look at isolate versus full spectrum. Isolates may need to be administered in higher doses to be effective. Full-spectrum CBD is more beneficial and effective at lower doses

Side Effects

Topical CBD products are not associated with side effects but some people may experience irritation or lack of results (less to no pain relief). Rare effects of CBD typically come from ingestible, if any effects occur at all. Topical products have fewer if any side effects. 

Topical CBD roll-ons are THC-free. Depending on the ingredients, the rollers work to provide relief and instant sensations. Some may come with a cooling sensation while others have a warming sensation. Both provide different advantages for consumers. Roll-ons tend to be a top-selling product, especially for athletes. They are excellent use for post-workout treatment but also help with medical conditions and other aches and pains. Relief comes in various forms and it is worthwhile to talk to a trusted dispensary and medical provider about all the possibilities for pain relief.


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