Citron Pie THC Pre-Roll


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Experience the epitome of relaxation with this exquisite botanical delight, Citron Pie Pre-roll. Unveil a world of tranquility and indulgence like no other.

Citron Pie Pre-roll, an evenly balanced hybrid strain, was created as a variety of top-shelf Hybrid. It is considered to be a member of the Orange family because of the distinctive citrusy flavor and potent effects. The aroma is sweet and sour citrus with a hint of pine.


Experience the perfect balance between relaxation and happiness that Citron Pie provides. Enjoy an elevated sense of euphoria, creative energy, and blissful contentment. Indulge in this delightful strain to experience complete tranquility that will refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. 


Take advantage of¬†Citron Pie’s flavor is a sweet and sour combination of lemon and lime. When it comes to scent, expect a lemon-pine-fuel fragrance and a high-THC content and 19% total Cannabinoids that provides both a head and body effect. The flavor is a classic combination of sour citrus and woody pine. The aroma is similar, featuring a spicy kushy overtone complemented by notes of sour citrus, woody pine, and pungent dank.¬†


It’s perfect for unwinding in the later part of the day and alleviating stress.¬†Citron Pie is an excellent choice for treating conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, appetite loss, nausea, migraines, and headaches.¬†


Terpene Profile:¬†The most abundant terpene in Citron is myrcene, followed by pinene and terpinolene. Citron Pie’s terpene profile creates a great synergy between the effects of THC and other cannabinoids. Myrcene has mild sedative properties, pinene has anti-inflammatory benefits, and terpinolene is known to help with relaxation.¬†


Total Cannabinoids: 19%


Strain: Hybrid РSativa

Fragrance: Lime, Pine, Citrus, Diesel, Herbal 

Effects: Pain Reliever, Uplifting, Stress Reliever, and Creative 


Discover Citron Pie by Siesta G a hybrid strain renowned for its unique blend of earthy, pine, lime, and woody fragrances. 

Get ready for an unparalleled smoking experience with our premium Citron Pie THC Pre-Roll. Made from the highest quality premium flower, this pre-roll provides a potent and satisfying high that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and happy.


At our dispensary, we understand the importance of quality. That’s why we carefully select only the best and most flavorful flower for our Citron Pie THC Pre-Roll. Our expert team of cultivators uses the latest techniques to grow and harvest the flower, ensuring that each pre-roll contains only the highest quality product.


Whether you’re a new smoker or a seasoned connoisseur, our Citron Pie THC Pre-Roll is the perfect choice. With a smooth and easy draw, this pre-roll delivers a potent high that is both euphoric and relaxing. The unique blend of flavors and aromas in the Citron Pie strain will tantalize your taste buds and leave you coming back for more.


So why wait? Visit our dispensary today and treat yourself to the best pre-roll available. Our Citron Pie THC Pre-Roll is sure to impress, so don’t miss out on this amazing product!

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