Delta 8 Shots


Delta 8 THC provides all the benefits of delta 9 THC without the paranoia or anxiety often associated with it!

  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Relief from nausea

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Looking for the benefits of THC but don’t want the anxiety or paranoia that comes with it? Delta 8 THC is relatively new to the market and could be the answer you are looking for. Delta 8 (a close cousin to the potent delta-9 cannabinoid which gets you “high”) offers the benefits of coping with pain and nausea (and more). Think of it this way, delta 8 will still have some amount of psychoactive effects. But it won’t be as intense as the “high” that marijuana provides.

If drug testing is apart of your life we suggest using any of the CBD Isolate products. This will show up on a drug test.