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Gobstoppers is an ideal choice for individuals seeking an invigorating and euphoric experience. 

Gobbstopper is an exquisitely balanced hybrid strain, expertly crafted by crossing the delectable Candy Diesel with the potent Vortex. Seeking a delectable candy flavor? Look no further! Gobstopper embodies your wildest cravings and beyond, harmonizing sweet berries with tangy citrus to create a fruity candy flavor that gracefully dances upon your palate.

The aroma mirrors this delightful symphony, tinged with a subtle hint of diesel that becomes detectable as the buds ignite. Immerse yourself in a high that is as vibrant and delightful as the flavor itself, inducing effects that can only be likened to experiencing the unbridled joy of a child on Christmas morning. Be prepared to awaken and energize your spirit, with a blossoming euphoria that compels you to share your delight and giggle merrily.

These euphoric and enduring effects, coupled with an average THC level of 25%, provide Gobstopper with a competitive edge in alleviating an array of conditions, including chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, and bipolar disorder. This bud showcases spade-shaped neon green nugs adorned with a profusion of minute golden hairs and a sprinkling of exquisite crystal trichomes.

Terpene Profile: The most abundant terpene in Gobstoppers mix is beta-caryophyllene, which has a distinctly peppery aroma and provides the strain with an earthy flavor. Other terpenes found in Gobstopper include myrcene, linalool, limonene, and alpha-pinene. 

The overall experience of consuming Gobstopper is one of pure delight — a blend of relaxation and uplifting cerebral stimulation that can easily lift away worries and anxieties. Its effects have been known to take hold quickly, producing a full-body relaxation that eases into an invigorating head high. 

Total Cannabinoids: 25%

Strain: Indica

Fragrance: Sweet, Pine, Citrus, Diesel, Herbal 

Effects: Pain Reliever, Uplifting, Stress Reliever, and Creative 

Oakland Kush delivers a delightful equilibrium between physical relaxation and mental clarity. It grants respite from stress, pain, and inflammation without inducing excessive sedation or drowsiness. Rather, it imparts a profound sense of serenity and contentment, while keeping the mind sharp and aware. These qualities make Oakland Kush perfect for daytime indulgence and as a pre-bedtime treat in the evening.

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