Purple Pantera THC


Purple Pantera, renowned for its fast-acting effects, delivers bursts of euphoria and induces deep relaxation, making it an exquisite choice for an evening of pure delight.

Each nug of Purple Pantera is adorned with a fine dusting of glistening crystal trichomes and oozes with sweet, sticky resin. Similar to its heritage, this bud boasts an alluring aroma reminiscent of a spiced berry wine, complemented by a grapey kush undertone that unfurls as the nugs are delicately consumed. The flavor profile is likened to savoring a glass of subtly piquant mulled wine, finishing with a spicy aftertaste that pleasantly lingers on the palate.

While Purple Pantera’s delectable taste is notable, its true appeal lies in the potent indica effects it possesses, fueled by an average Cannabinode level of 19%. The high commences swiftly, enveloping you in euphoria and sheer bliss, accompanied by a profound sense of tranquility and overall well-being. As your thoughts embark on a voyage of hazy elation and introspection, a soothing body buzz gradually emerges, originating from the spine and gracefully traversing through your limbs. Before you know it, a state of couch-lock and serenity takes hold, leaving you in a state of heightened appetite and unparalleled contentment.

These robust indica effects render Purple Pantera an optimal strain for alleviating a variety of conditions, including mild to moderate depression, chronic stress or anxiety, inflammation, and persistent pain.

Terpene Profile: The most abundant terpene in Purple Pantera is myrcene, followed by pinene and caryophyllene. Myrcene is known to produce calming effects, while pinene and caryophyllene provide anti-inflammatory results. Together, these terpenes interact with cannabinoids in the plant to create an entourage effect that amplifies its therapeutic potential. 

Total Cannabinoids: 19%

Strain: Hybrid РIndica

Fragrance: Berry, Earth, pine, spice

Effects: Euphoric, soothing, heavy and netflix and chill

If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Purple Pantera through smoking, dabbing, or any other consumption method, we would love to hear about your unique encounter. Feel free to share a review of this extraordinary strain!

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