Local CBD Services

Here at Mindful Medicinals, we offer more than just CBD education and products. Our team is dedicated to bringing you deeper relief, faster recovery, and a better understanding of what being balanced can bring to your life.


Facials with CBD


Surface Tension

Detoxifies Pores

Loosens Metabolic Waste

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Oxidative

Neutralizes pH Levels

Long-Lasting Results


Massage with CBD


Reduces Inflammation

Speeds Recovery

Promotes Blood Flow to Injuries

Soothes Aches and Pain

Alleviates Stress

Fights Chronic and Acute Pain


CBD Mani/Pedi


Forearm Massage with CBD

Nail Buff and Shine

with Organic Polish (Optional)

20 Minute Bath Bomb Foot Soak

Alleviates Stress

Increase Blood Flow


CBD Consultation


What Is CBD?

How Can CBD Help Me?

How Much CBD Should I Be Taking

Still Have Questions About CBD?

Scehdule A Free Consultation With

One Of Our Team Members Today!


Infused Meals


Private Chef's to Prepare Your Meal!

Choose From A Pre-Set Menu or 

Customize Your Own Event!

Full Cannabis Infusions

From the Cocktail to the Dessert.

Take Your Event to New Heights


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