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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like

The world can feel like a crazy, mixed-up place. Sometimes people want a way to relax and take stress away or they just want a chill vibe after a long day. Whatever it is, CBD oil is a popular way for people to let loose. What some people new to tryin CBD oil may wond...

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It’s So Easy to Buy CBD Oil Online These Days!

When customers look to buy CBD oil online, it can feel like the wild wild west. Lots of dispensaries sell online but not all are what they seem. With different products, brands, and com...

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THCO Tinctures


Derived from hemp, THC-O acetate or THCO is a synthetic compound popular in states where legal access to cannabis is not allowed. Roughly three times stronger than traditional THCO it is considered a psychedelic for borderline hallucinatory effects it produces. Consum...

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Mindful Guide to CBD Tinctures

Mindful Medicinals is proud to offer a variety of CBD tinctures to help you realize the medicinal benefits of pain relief, relaxation, and wellbeing.  While hemp-based CBD is safe to use for patients of all ages and health backgrounds, some dosage adjustment will be ...

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What Is CBD Syrup?

CBD Syrup is a thick, sweet liquid that is infused with CBD. Many people like it in this form because it is versatile and can be taken on its own either through a dropper or spray or mixed into any drink. While we do not yet carry a CBD Syrup in store just yet (workin...

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