Does CBD Affect Men & Women Differently?

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Both men and women are attracted to the benefits of CBD. Based on physiology alone, men and women can process CBD differently in the body and every individual will have their own unique experience. What exactly the differences are and how it impacts men and women is important when deciding how to use it, how much, and ways it impacts the body and mind. Keep reading to find out the effects of CBD on men and women.


Benefits of CBD

Many people around the world use CBD for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Men and women generally seek similar benefits from CBD but not everyone will receive the exact same benefits from its use. From muscle pain to achy joints and overall body pain, recovery is quicker when using CBD because of how it calms the nervous system down. In addition, mental health is a big factor for use in both men and women. Anxiety is a natural way to process stress but sometimes people need help. Men and women turn to CBD for help with this at all ages and stages of life. Think about how to function your best and reach your highest potential. CBD is a great way to support those goals.


Effects on Women

Let’s start with looking at how CBD impacts women. One major factor women deal with that men don’t as much are hormones. Throughout her life, a woman will deal with fluctuating hormones on a monthly basis before, during, and after her period. During pregnancy and post-partum, women also sometimes experience permanent shifts in their hormone balance. Then again in her pre-menopausal to menopause and beyond, women again experience shifts in hormones. In between there are many variations and changes in mood, health, weight, and overall sense of well-being. Women use CBD to combat depressive symptoms, anxiety, and mood because of how it interacts with estrogen. CBD can also help alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as bloating, anxiety, and cramping. During menopause, women may face lack of sleep due to hormone changes. The use of CBD by women may help them sleep better at night and focus on a more restful slumber to be more productive during the day.


Effects on Men

Men choose CBD for myriad benefits including support for testosterone. A boost in testosterone can increase libido as it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. Some research shows it is not permanent but these changes can increase desire over time. Effects vary person to person. Men tend to suffer from higher rates of heart disease and issues than women. Heart health is a big factor for many men in seeking CBD. As a supplement, it is used to reduce and regulate blood pressure and promote a healthy heart. Prevention is key in the battle against heart disease, stroke, and metabolic disorders. It also helps men feel more relaxed, less anxious, and increases an overall sense of well-being. With this in mind, men are flocking to CBD to help them feel better and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Bottom Line

While men and women experience different effects from the use of CBD, there are so many benefits for each. From heart health to maintaining hormonal balance and overall feeling better, there are many benefits that keep men and women coming back for more time and again to experience all CBD has to offer.


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