How CBD Can Boost Your Immune System

We love CBD oils and products for so many reasons!  One of the best things about CBD oil is the added benefits it offers to your immune system and general physical health. CBD is known for many things, including pain management, relaxation, and anxiety relief. 

However an often overlooked benefit is the long term strengthening of your body’s immune system to keep you healthy.

Let’s Talk about the Immune System

In these uncertain times of coronavirus and other health concerns, a strong immune system is vital to your longevity and wellbeing. Every minute of every day your body is exposed to a variety of pathogens and germs in the air and your immediate surroundings. Some of these, as we have all learned quite recently with Covid-19, are dangerous viruses and bacteria germs that can cause serious illness.

Your body builds up its ability to fight off these germs and viruses through a network of cells and tissues we call the immune system.  Within your blood, you produce white blood cells that are programmed to fight off all of the nasty bugs your body has learned are harmful. As you come in contact with harmful pathogens in the environment, your body learns to program the white blood cells to fight off these specific attackers. 

These B-cells and T-cells (forms of white blood cells) learn how to identify antigens and harmful cells, then neutralize and absorb them so they don’t continue to spread throughout the rest of the body.

The Mighty Endocannabinoid System

Since the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is fairly recent in medicine, there is still a lot we’re learning about how it functions and what it’s for. But a few things are quite clear (and exciting!). 

The ECS plays a mysterious but vital role in the body’s immune response, establishing and maintaining a homeostasis throughout the body, balancing all systems. 

Endocannabinoid Receptors help to receive special enzymes known as cannabinoids, which are produced in the body and serve to regulate the production of, among other things, white blood cells. Thus, a healthy ECS leads to a stronger immune system.

How CBD Helps Build Immunity

While the Endocannabinoid System is primarily designed to operate on cannabinoid enzymes native to the body, it is stimulated in wonderful ways by the outside cannabinoids produced by cannabis and hemp plants. That’s probably one of the reasons the people have been cultivating and utilizing cannabis plants as medicine for centuries.

Regular use of CBD Oil has shown to improve white blood cell counts in test subjects and proves to be exceptional at reducing inflammation. Doctors will tell you that inflammation is the root cause of a great many diseases ravaging our society these days. Reducing inflammation in the body is a massive boost to your health and immunity!

To round out the benefits, CBD is well known for relaxing you and lowering stress levels. This means lower cortisol levels and thus less inflammation.

With a combination of producing white blood cells to ward off invasive germs, reducing stress chemicals, and its natural anti-inflammatory effects, CBD is a marvel– which is why we believe in its medicinal importance!

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