The Benefits of CBD for Golfers

The Benefits of CBD for Golfers

CBD is steadily becoming one of the worst kept secrets in golf. You’ll undoubtedly have heard
chatter on the PGA Tour news wheel when it comes to the product, which an increasing number
of professionals are using to maximize their recovery, reduce anxiety, and improve
concentration. So what are these popular benefits of CBD for golfers and other athletes?

Why is CBD so Popular?

As more and more people begin to use CBD, we are learning about the many and various
health benefits it offers to patients from all walks of life and with all manner of ailments or
conditions. Using CBD has been proven to aid in pain management, help with anxiety relief, and
even boost your immune system. Further research on potential health benefits of CBD is
ongoing, and while there is still so much to learn, the therapeutic uses for CBD are undeniable.

Why Golfers Love It

THC is a banned substance on the PGA Tour, however, both the PGA’s Anti-Doping Program
and even the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have removed CBD from their prohibited lists.
Because of this, many athletes are seeking alternative ways to soothe muscle strain. Golfers
have latched onto the CBD trend in search of a natural health supplement that can improve muscle recovery in their swing, ease the nerves of competition, and maintain a healthy sleep
schedule during the season.

Faster Recovery

It isn’t unusual for golfers to experience soreness after a full round, particularly as they age.
CBD may aid in recovery, soothing sore muscles and tendons, allowing golfers to play more
often. In a 2018 review, scientists determined that CBD can reduce inflammation and improve
both pain and mobility. Other studies have found that CBD suppresses the body’s inflammatory
response. By reducing inflammation, CBD may help golfers with recovery, which is critical for
any athlete.

Energy Boost

Tee times are often very early and finding the energy to play a round of golf can be hard with all
of the stresses of everyday life. CBD may give you the boost that you need to get back on the
links first thing in the morning. According to a 2014 article in Current Neuropharmacology, CBD
may be a “wake-promoting agent.” The study’s authors found that CBD activated neurons,
leading to an enhancement in levels of dopamine (the “feel good” hormone) as well as an
overall increase in wakefulness.

Calm Anxiety

Many golfers experience a bit of anxiety when they tee up, nervous about the prospect of hitting
in front of others. CBD can be helpful in promoting calm, as well as reducing any anxiety that
may accompany even a friendly round of golf.

A number of studies have shown that CBD may alleviate symptoms of anxiety. In 2018,
researchers in Brazil determined that a single 300 mg dose of CBD, taken orally, was effective
at significantly reducing anxiety during a public speaking test, with little to no side effects.


For many golfers, CBD is a great way to stay on top of their game. Adding CBD may help
you perform better and recover more quickly. Mindful Medicinal offers a full range of
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