Topical CBD Cream for Dry Hands

Topical CBD Cream for Dry Hands

Lotions and creams are at the top of many people’s lists, especially at certain times of the year. Others suffer from chronically dry skin on their hands which can lead to cracking, bleeding, pain, and discomfort. CBD cream for dry hands is being applied to skin across the United States to alleviate discomfort. Not all CBD lotions are treated equally. Learn more about what the best topical CBD cream is on the market, how to use it and what to look for when shopping for lotions.

Topical CBD Lotions

CBD lotions can include any topical put on the skin, including salves, creams, and massage oils. Anything put on the skin will have an impact on it, especially CBD which interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Learn more about how this system works.

How Topical CBD Works

The endocannabinoid system is a crucial part of getting benefits from CBD cream. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is affected by CBD, CBD, CBG, and THC as they behave like neurotransmitters that relay messages in the ECS. The ECS regulates the balance of the nervous system and immune function. The brain, connective and skin tissues all have key ECS receptors so that when a CBD product is applied, the ECS is activated. CBD helps bind to receptors and blocks enzymes that break down cannabinoids so they stay in the system longer. When using CBD on the skin, it helps support the body and immune system. 

Benefits of CBD Lotion

Let’s talk about dry hands and CBD lotion. Some of the main concerns are pain, inflammation, and discomfort that go along with this condition. There is no one true cause for dry skin and it happens to many people in all types of weather. Other people seem to suffer from chronic dryness and it can be painful and discouraging. CBD lotion combined with ingredients to hydrate the skin can be soothing and healing. Hydration is a key element of CBD cream for dry hands. Some other benefits include:

  • Support physical discomfort. CBD lotion provides support, aiding in joint mobility and movement. Dry hands can be painful to move or do activities every day. CBD topical cream can improve absorption of ingredients that improve activity, appearance, and aid in circulation to relax and soothe dry hands
  • Relieve sunburned or over-exposed hands: repeated sun exposure depletes the skin’s supply of oils which may be irritating and uncomfortable. The body responds by increasing blood supply to burned areas to heal. Applying CBD lotion to the burn can make the healing process more comfortable
  • Support anti-aging properties that result from loss of elastin and collagen to keep skin clear and less dry. Topical creams with CBD may help avoid irritation, breakouts, and aging of the skin which may be dryer as people age

Why People Choose CBD Lotion

For dry hands, there is no easy answer. The best topical CBD cream for dry hands is not fool-proof. Some of the key features and components may relieve some dryness and help soothe dry skin pain but are not a cure-all. However, CBD lotions do a great job of working their way into the skin, aiding in healing, and not having many known side effects. With CBD lotion, it is easy to target areas of discomfort and irritation. Many options are available on the market with some designed to support clear skin and others for soothing relief. High-quality CBD lotions go beyond surface hydration to interact with the endocannabinoid system and help engage the whole body in supporting better skin on the hands and body. Be sure to look at the strength of CBD and get strong enough concentrations to make a difference. Speak to a dispensary professional or doctor who can advise on appropriate strength levels for the right use (easing pain, soothing dryness, etc). 


CBD is becoming more popular with increasing ways to use CBD. Lotions are worth a shot because they can provide long-lasting relief and support. Make sure to purchase from a reputable source with high enough CBD potency and use it appropriately. Look for more information from a trusted professional who understands CBD and hand dryness to find out which lotion is suitable for you.


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