CBD Gummies for Tinnitus

cbd gummies for tinnitus

Tinnitus affects millions of people worldwide. Struggling with hearing loss that doesn’t go away leaves people with a chronic condition that can feel challenging to manage on a daily basis. Traditional hearing aids may not help with the loss of hearing due to tinnitus. People are turning to alternatives like CBD gummies for tinnitus relief. CBD (cannabidiol) can ease anxiety, acute or chronic pain and offer relief for insomnia, among other things. Now people are trying to find relief from tinnitus using CBD gummies. Find out more about how they are being used and whether they are effective. 

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a problem in the auditory system, including the ear and auditory nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain that processes sound. Health conditions are sometimes to blame for the issue like heart problems, ear infections, thyroid issues or brain tumors. Service members of the military exposed to high velocity impacts or loud noises from explosives, bombs, airplanes, or other shocks to the ear may experience tinnitus. 

What Treats Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately there is no cure for tinnitus or hearing loss. Doctors can remove blocks like excessive earwax if that is a problem or cease medication that may make it worse but it can often be hard to know what causes tinnitus entirely or how to block it out. A hearing aid or cochlear implant may help but may not entirely get rid of the irritation.

CBD Gummies for Tinnitus

Where Does CBD Fit in the Picture?

CBD is made from the cannabis plant but does not include THC. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant while full-spectrum CBD may contain less than 0.3 percent (legally) the amount of THC which is very minimal. 

How Do CBD Gummies for Tinnitus Bring Relief?

CBD targets the endocannabinoid system which has receptors all over the body. CB1 and CB2 are the two main endocannabinoid receptors. This makes molecules called endocannabinoids, similar to cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. With CBD, the interaction between it and endocannabinoids can help reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, reduce stress and even support relief from tinnitus. A study in 2020 found using CBD may support hearing loss. Moreover, it can help with the side effects like constant ringing in the ears, insomnia and stress to make it easier to cope with the symptoms of tinnitus. 

Find the Best CBD Gummies

The search for a great CBD gummy that might alleviate some symptoms of tinnitus can create some challenges. Some things to consider:

  • Look for products tested by a third party
  • Look at the ingredients list to see if hemp, hemp extract or hemp oil is included in the product. Opt for a product with organic ingredients
  • Confirm where the cannabis comes from and that it is made naturally without other chemicals

CBD gummies are discrete and taste good, which is why people love them to bring relief from tinnitus. For severe tinnitus, an audiologist should check ears prior to using CBD. Tinnitus can be disruptive to a person’s life and very irritating and anxiety-producing. People who consume CBD gummies use them mostly for relaxation, relief and overall support. Emotional, mental and even spiritual wellness is key to feeling better when dealing with chronic conditions like tinnitus. Mindful Medicinal has CBD gummies that may be of support in finding relief. Speak to a dispensary professional and physician prior to deciding what type and how much to use CBD gummies for relief from tinnitus. 

Safety of CBD Gummies for Tinnitus

CBD has less side effects than many people think. It is generally safe and may cause fatigue or nausea but it depends on the dose, the person’s metabolism and their underlying health conditions. It also depends what else they may be using. It is best to speak with a physician about other medications prior to using CBD gummies or oil.

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