THCO Tinctures

THCO Tinctures


Derived from hemp, THC-O acetate or THCO is a synthetic compound popular in states where legal access to cannabis is not allowed. Roughly three times stronger than traditional THCO it is considered a psychedelic for borderline hallucinatory effects it produces. Consumers don’t have access to legal THC products in some states and THCO Tinctures are tip-toeing the legal line as a way to offer relief to consumers. Find out how and why this product landed on the market and why people are so eager to get their hands on it.


THCO Legal Challenges

Some of the initial issues with THCO relate to legal challenges in the cannabis industry. A highly flammable compound called acetic anhydride is added to THC molecules. They are then extracted with hemp, a low THC cannabis plant. Then, CBD is extracted from raw hemp. Delta-8 is then extracted from CBD and finally acetic anhydride is added to delta-8 THC molecules to make THCO acetate. This chemical process is under scrutiny. Legal experts believe it should be done under controlled conditions in a lab to avoid health risks. Since products that contain only THCO made from 100% Hemp extract are legal to manufacture, distribute, and sell to consumers, THCO is available for purchase.


Difference Between CBD and THCO

The difference between CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC-O (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is that CBD does not carry the psychoactive effects of THCO. CBD can be used for numerous health reasons. THCO carries most, if not all, the benefits of CBD and also introduces the euphoric feeling that may be beneficial to consumers.


Dosing THCO

Though there are no official studies on dosing THCO, there are plenty of reports from people who have used it as to how they dosed. THCO is believed to be around three times as strong as delta 9 THC. The dose would be a third of what would normally be used by someone for THC products. The minimum dose is around 2mg oral or 0.5 mg inhaled to produce noticeable psychoactive effects. A gummy or tincture may have around 3 to 10 mg. Psychedelic doses usually start around 15 mg but only people who are familiar with dosing THCO at lower doses should move to higher doses.


THCO Benefits

Though formal research is still ongoing, THCO is known to help people feel better overall and provide some pain relief. People with anxiety have sought relief from THCO and also appetite stimulation. As a cannabinoid, it can have varying effects on the body. It may be a useful isomer for chronic pain management, anxiety or insomnia. There are myriad other benefits to consider.


Enhanced Creative Energy With THCO

THCO can provide increased creative energy and output for consumers. Whether it is writing, music, painting, or poetry, people often find themselves in creative ruts with no way out. THCO can shift perspectives and open new doors in the mind to get things flowing. The brain and awareness awaken from stress and fatigue to feel more relaxed and able to be creative.



The spiritual cannabinoid, as it is sometimes dubbed, goes above and beyond and includes spiritual experiences for people. It may provide comfort to feel connected to nature and other human beings. A spiritual experience is one that allows the mind to expand consciousness and lead to feeling connected to the wider world. This feeling and force may be useful for those who use yoga or meditation to bring higher levels of consciousness to the fore.



THCO can help people go deeper quicker. Both into their own psyche and that of others. When people go inward, they reflect on themselves and their experiences or habits. This triggers the brain that holds difficult thoughts to release them and work through them without rigidity of expectations. Sometimes people use THCO and feel more at ease after as they come to peace with some of their own inner work.


Pain Relief With THCO

Studies around THCO focus on aches and pains and relief from it all. Cannabinoids are associated with relief from discomfort and regulate pain sensitivity and inflammation. Psychoactive properties can temporarily desensitize the brain to pain signals and support pain relief.


Mindful THCO Products

At Mindful Medicinals, two products containing THCO are available. The 1000 mg THC tincture is up to 3 times stronger than delta 9 THC. A tincture is a preferred method that is smokeless. It can be an enjoyable experience with a buzz afterwards. Made with THCO distillate converted from hemp, it can be strong so speak with a professional at the dispensary to discuss options. THCO gummies are also available, which are up to 3 times stronger than delta 9 THC. They come in 10 mg doses. A burst of sweetness and fruity taste can make the gummy more palatable for those who like edibles. Much stronger than other products like delta-8 and delta-10, the gummies need to be used with caution as they need to be strong, especially for first timers. These products and more can be discussed with someone in a dispensary that understands their uses and possible pitfalls for individuals who wish to utilize the products.

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