The benefits of Using CBD on Your Skin


Cannabidiol or CBD products are used for all sorts of reasons. One of the uses growing in popularity is skincare due to its benefits for the skin and body. CBD may also help treat conditions like acne and breakouts or eczema. CBD oils and other products are worth considering as they can make people feel better about themselves and feel good overall. 

Uses and Benefits

CBD skincare is being researched for its benefits and healthy alternative to other types of topicals and skincare. Research suggests that CBD may lower inflammatory responses in the body and help alleviate symptoms of some skin conditions. A study in 2020 showed CBD may help ease symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Cannabinoids regulate the body systems and support balance overall. Studies are still being conducted on the overall efficacy of topicals with CBD.  Even though people are using topicals increasingly, some side effects or risks may include:

  • Mild nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Dry mouth

Those who typically struggle with skin irritation from topical creams may want to consult a doctor before use. Also avoid the use of CBD products if they interfere with existing medications, based on a doctor’s consultation before purchase.

Finding a Good Fit

Products on the market come from all different places. Deciding which one works best and is right for you depends on many factors. The CBD itself, potency, inactive, and active ingredients are just a few of the things to look for. C D isolates are usually chosen for those who don’t want to incorporate THC into their skincare regimen. Everything from CBD oils to creams and ointments can nourish and enhance the skin’s properties. Face serums for anti-aging are becoming increasingly popular. Some people may opt for basic skin care or want to get more THC in products and need to shop for those at a dispensary. Consulting with a doctor and dispensary provider can offer many great suggestions and options for your specific needs.

Skin Care Products

Mindful Medicinals carry options that vary from moisturizers to anti-aging. Here are just some of the options available:

Muscle Relief

Check out this CBD blend that helps relieve aching muscles and joints. Conscious Times Topicals carry a variety of strengths, including extra-strength muscle relief with Arnica Montana and CBD isolate to get the oil deeper into muscle tissues. Essential oils also help aid in sleeping. Great for daily use.

Roll-On Blends

Conscious Times Topicals offers a joint relief roll-on perfect to increase mobility and ease muscle tension. Roll-ons can provide a discreet, easily accessible way to care for tender or sore muscles. 

Eminence Organic Skincare

Eminence Organic Skin Care products do not contain any cannabinoids including CBD or THC. CBD topicals from Conscious Times are available for those who choose this type of skincare. Consider some of the options from skin correcting cream to face oil, lip balm to daily moisturizer, and even makeup remover. Age-defying products are also available for consumers. 

CBD oil is absorbed through the skin but depends on several factors, like potency, as to how much is absorbed. CBD topicals typically don’t go past the first few layers of skin. Transdermal CBD patches can absorb through the skin where cannabinoids enter the bloodstream. Look at products thoroughly and discuss with a doctor which may be right for you and your needs.


Every customer who comes to Mindful Medicinal will leave feeling better and more educated about CBD. Come check out all we have to offer and stop by for a free consultation with an on-site expert who will help you find what you need.

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