Water-Soluble CBD


The CBD industry is taking off to new heights. New products are being developed that help people improve health issues from pain to anxiety, insomnia to cancer, and more. Regular CBD use is becoming part of people’s lexicon. With increased research, the benefits are being discovered more every day as products become available. Water-soluble CBD is a great way to experience the benefits of CBD in new and innovative ways. Check out for yourself all water-soluble CBD has to offer.

How it Works

Water-soluble CBD cannabinoid compounds dissolve in water. Without alteration, CBD does not dissolve easily in water. The stomach, liver, and kidneys work to break down the drug. When it is water-soluble, it spreads throughout the body faster because the body is 60% water. This means water-soluble CBD will dissolve more quickly and take effect more efficiently. CBD molecules don’t have to work as hard at being distributed in the body and repair or do their work efficiently. 

Making Water-soluble CBD

Nanotechnology uses sound waves to break down CBD into smaller particles. The smaller-sized particles then dissolve in water. Making CBD particles water-soluble reduces the body’s need to process and break down the elements of CBD and brings faster relief as a result. Nanotechnology processing reduces CBD to less than 100 nanometers. Smaller particles make it easier to mix with water and make less work for the body. Water-soluble CBD is up to five times more potent than oil-based CBD. 

Benefits and Challenges

Water-soluble CBD has a long list of pros that work to make it effective. Bioavailability is one of them, which means the body absorbs the product more easily. The body works harder to digest a product with low bioavailability. Dissolving product in water fills the body with myriad benefits and is easily processed. At least 90% of the compound is used by the body versus other CBD products. Another benefit is the ease of use. Just pull out a dropper to mix into the food or drink when going about your daily business. Discreet and quick use can make it feel more natural and simple to use. One thing to look out for are emulsifiers which are oil-based and may be used in water-soluble CBD as an additive but can cause inflammation or gastrointestinal issues. Anything with liposomes, lecithin, and other additives can be used as part of this process so look out for these ingredients as a sign emulsifiers have been used. 

Methods of Use

One of the best ways to use water-soluble CBD is by tincture. Shaking it activates the cannabinoids to activate the liquid and get things moving. The body absorbs the medicine underneath the tongue. When swallowed, it goes into the body and through the digestive system. Traditional CBD oils require them to be held under the tongue for up to two minutes. Water-soluble CBD only requires 15 to 20 seconds, a much faster distribution. Other methods include taking by mouth to increase absorption rate, about four to five times as effective as traditional oils. Also, consider taking it in a drink so it does not feel like medicine. Add water-soluble drops to a beverage and sip some in coffee or water to make it digestible. 

Always speak with a doctor or dispensary professional who can find the best method of supporting your journey whether it is to use CBD for pain relief, insomnia, mental health, or any other support. Water-based CBD is a great alternative for those seeking effective relief.


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