What is the Cannabinoid THCO?

What is THCO?

Many THC compounds are on the market right now. Distinguishing between them can be difficult, especially for new consumers. THCO is getting a lot of attention as a new compound that has been around for a while. With a surging market, THCO is back in the spotlight. Find out why people are talking about THCO and learn more about its effects on the cannabis market.

What is THCO?

Short for THC-O acetate, this cannabinoid is different from others. A precursor to Delta-8, THCO can be put into different products including THCO vape cartridges, disposables, and gummies. Three times the strength of Delta 9 THC, products that contain it can be potent but clean products which is what makes people like them. The body reacts differently to THCO than other cannabinoids as it is activated after the digestive system processes it. THCO goes through a process of acetylation which is why it is three times stronger than THC. Currently, the sales of THCO are limited to a few sellers on the market.

Why THCO is Different

THCO doesn’t behave like THC. Although it sounds similar, the cannabinoid takes longer to activate in the body. The liver has to process it which means the effects aren’t felt for around an hour after use. Once it kicks in, the potency is revealed. Some consumers desire or want a quicker release and experience they can get from THC.

History Lesson 

While it seems everyone is talking about THCO now, it has been around for decades. In the 1950s, it was used as an experiment by the military to determine its efficacy as a weapon against the enemy. Testing on dogs showed its ability to impair motor function. The process of making THCO is very difficult and requires chemistry skills and equipment. With a resurgence of THC cannabinoids and THCO, more products are becoming available.

Legal Tape

Overseas in England, THCO is illegal. In the United States, it is not a classified substance. Despite it being stronger than other cannabinoids, and marijuana still being illegal on the federal level, this may come as a surprise. THCO acetate is not an underground substance nor does it have a large market that garners much attention. The government has not felt the need to intercede and govern its use of it yet. Gray areas remain around THCO since delta 10 THC is produced and purchased without much intervention. 

Benefits and Drawbacks

As with any cannabinoid, there are some benefits and things to consider when consuming this product. As a THC, THCO has many useful benefits for pain, anxiety, and insomnia but more benefits are being discovered all the time. Some other key benefits:

  • Psychedelic experience
  • Relaxation
  • Full body and mind experience
  • Strong buzz

After using THCO, some consumers might experience some drawbacks including intense high, dry mouth, headache, or unwelcome psychedelic effects. Smaller doses are recommended since it is a strong compound until people are more comfortable with the effects. 

Future Potential

Looking ahead, the outlook for THCO is bright. Although synthetic compounds are still being watched carefully to see which path they take, research continues to unlock the mysteries of how THCO and other cannabinoids can be used to benefit people from pain to mental health and more. As legalization moves forward, acetate versions of cannabinoids may become the prescription version of cannabis. The future of THCO may become more front-and-center as legalization evolves and enthusiasts demand increased production in the future.


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