Benefits Of Mixing CBD And Coffee

Benefits of Mixing CBD and Coffee

What makes coffee great is caffeine. This active ingredient helps people stay alert, focused, and awake for longer periods. A few side effects like anxiety and increased heart rate can keep people from using it as often as they might. The mix of CBD and coffee helps negate these side effects, including those sensitive to caffeine. Between 5 and 20 mg of CBD per coffee are usually added to people’s cups of coffee. Find out more about the many benefits of CBD in your coffee. 

Why CBD and Coffee

Many millions of cups of coffee are consumed daily across the globe. Tea is also popular but does not have the same active ingredients that keep people coming back for more. Although caffeine can cause jitters, headaches, and a racing heart, people use it for increased productivity and alertness. CBD comes into play because it helps limit those side effects and enhances the experience overall. 

What is CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is mixed with cannabidiol from a hemp plant. Most people think CBD and THC are the same things but THC causes euphoria and has psychoactive properties. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. CBD is derived from cannabis plants with little THC in them. This means people are not likely to get high or feel euphoric using CBD, which is why it is popular in coffee drinks. Some people who take CBD use it for a sense of relaxation or alertness in coffee. CBD coffee combines CBD and coffee for an infused beverage that lowers side effects while maintaining the overall benefits. 

CBD Coffee

Benefits of CBD in Your Coffee

Many people who use CBD in coffee feel more alert and focused. CBD interacts with the same neurotransmitters as caffeine to produce this effect. Adenosine, a key neurotransmitter in the brain that controls alertness, builds up, caffeine works to block the effects by attaching to the receptors and keeping us awake. CBD is considered a modulator of adenosine. It works to improve the efficiency of adenosine receptors. CBD oil may also interact with serotonin to increase motivation and a sense of well-being. 

Avoid Side Effects

CBD can be used in treating anxiety by increasing GABA activity that relaxes the nervous system, regulates hypothalamic function (stress response), and relaxes muscles. When used in coffee, it can lower the side effects of caffeine which cause increased heart rate or anxiety. 

Longer Benefits

What enters the body needs to be processed by the liver. The liver uses enzymes to disassemble drugs and other things in the body. Caffeine and cannabidiol require the same enzymes in the liver. If these compounds increase, the liver gets backed up. CBD and caffeine increase the length of effects meaning people will experience the benefits of caffeine and CBD for longer periods.

Vaping CBD with Coffee

Vaping is one way people use CBD and coffee. Vaping CBD pairs with morning coffee to achieve the same effects as using it in coffee. This makes it easier to get a good dose and the fastest way to those benefits.

CBD-Infused Coffee

Pre-infused coffee with CBD is being seen in shops across the world. This convenient mix means the work is done and you can enjoy your brew as usual, with a side of CBD. It is difficult to tell how much CBD is in each cup but most have high-grade, full-spectrum hemp extract paired with good coffee beans. Great companies are putting these to market for consumers who love CBD with their cup-o-joe and don’t want to compromise on the benefits. 

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