Will CBD Make You Hungry?

Will CBD Make You Hungry?

The question on many people’s minds before they start taking CBD is how CBD and hunger go hand-in-hand. Appetite and weight are important for people, especially with chronic health conditions, but most people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. The ‘munchies’ as they are sometimes called are those little cravings that get you up off the sofa and poking through chip bags and cookies for snacks after smoking. CBD and weed, however, are not the same thing. Find out why people equate the use of CBD with hunger and why weight loss and CBD are on everyone’s minds. Will CBD make your hungry is always the main question when asked before taking CBD.

How CBD Works

CBD is derived from hemp. Hemp and marijuana contain both CBD and THC. Hemp plants contain small amounts of THC but marijuana is packed with psychoactive ingredients. THC can increase appetite and release a hormone that makes the brain think you are hungry. The increased levels of ghrelin switch the brain into go-mode and off you run to the kitchen for a sandwich. Hemp has lots of CBD but only small amounts of THC. CBD in the hemp plant suppresses appetite and leads to less binge-eating. The question of whether CBD will help hunger is another one to consider. Will CBD make you hungry? Not really, but it can also depend on the person. 

CBD Food

Weight Loss and CBD

CBD may help with weight loss by targeting the CB1 receptors. Appetite may be reduced and it can also impact mood positively to help prevent overeating. CBD targets the fat in the body by altering the type of fat. CBD may be able to help with some weight loss challenges but also has other benefits that help the body control weight gain. How does CBD affect your weight? Take into consideration exercise as part of a weight loss routine. CBD may help boost the body’s exercise routine for better toning and weight loss. CBD will relax blood vessels during a workout to improve blood flow to muscles. Post-workout pains and aches are reduced because the transmission of these signals to the brain is less. Asking the question of how CBD affects your weight is important for people who are concerned about the effects and how to develop healthy habits while also using CBD. 

Does CBD Make You Thirsty?

The question of whether CBD will help my hunger and how CBD affects thirst helps to know one side effect is a dry mouth for some people who use CBD. This usually mild side effect can create a thirst for people who want something to drink after use. People should exercise caution, however, in drinking alcoholic beverages while using CBD and heed warnings about mixing cocktails and existing medications along with CBD. With a dry mouth, it helps to keep water handy for hydration anytime CBD is used just in case.  

Although CBD may make some people crave snacks or treats, for the most part, people may be able to learn to regulate what they eat while using CBD. It depends on the person and the challenges they face. Speak with a doctor if there are concerns about weight gain or loss with CBD use and exercise precaution when considering dosages. 

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