How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery

How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery and support are keys to better overall health. Whether it’s a workout or a long walk, there are many reasons to turn towards Cannabidiol (CBD) for recovery. The body’s muscles wrap around the bones for a stronger body. When muscle aches pop up, it can cause fatigue, stress, and even anxiety. Find out why the use of CBD for muscle recovery is growing and what it means for everyday people seeking relief.

Not Just for Athletes

High-performance athletes use lots of techniques, supplements, and strategies to stay strong and healthy. Their careers and livelihoods depend on them finding a healthy balance of quick recovery from workouts and injuries to better long-term performance. Regardless of why people turn to CBD for muscle recovery, it has many positive benefits for everyone. Just a few of them include:

  • Sleep aid
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Supports brain health
  • Helps relieve aches and pains associated with sore or stiff muscles
  • Reduces overall inflammation

Everyone responds differently to the effects of CBD on the brain and body. The key is to learn how it works in the body before giving it a go.

Work The Muscles

Active people are going to strain or sprain muscles at some point. Over time, under or overuse injuries can occur and recovery is needed. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Muscle strains: injury to muscle or tendon which is overstretched and tears
  • Strain injuries can happen to thigh, calf, or groin muscles
  • Symptoms: may include pain and swelling but could immobilize someone for a few days to longer
  • CBD supports muscle recovery but isn’t a miracle cure
  • The goal of CBD is to help muscles recover more quickly to push through and gain strength

CBD Defined

Often when people hear CBD, they think also about THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an all-natural compound found in the cannabis Sativa plant. When people hear ‘cannabis,’ THC often comes along for the ride but they are not the same thing. CBD comes from industrial hemp because it contains very little THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that brings a ‘high’ or euphoric feeling. Less than .3% of THC is in CBD which is not enough to cause this sensation. This is also one big reason why people are attracted to its benefits. CBD products have pros and cons aside from low levels of THC, particularly when it comes to muscle support.

Muscle Support

Although the effects of CBD are still being realized, it has been used by many athletes and people who enjoy workouts to relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. No matter whether it is pre or post-exercise, taking small doses of CBD before working out can help improve focus and avoid injuries. It can aid in sleep after a workout, support the immune system and provide the energy the day after a productive workout. Many people turn to CBD for overall health support and find great benefits for their bodies and mind.


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