Topical CBD Cream for Nerve Pain

Topical CBD for Nerve Pain

Consumers who want help with pain are turning more often to topical creams with CBD for support. A CBD topical for nerve pain can be purchased in part due to legislation that is allowing products to be available such as creams. As people learn about what CBD creams are available and how they support pain relief, it is helping many chronic pain sufferers find ways of coping every day. 


What is Topical CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects meaning a person cannot experience a ‘high’ from it. The World Health Organization (WHO) approves of CBD unlike other chronic pain treatments because it has less chance of causing dependency. 

Consumers are turning to CBD cream with cannabidiol (CBD) for many reasons. When the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD products federally, the market became saturated with many types of CBD topicals and creams. Many people are still learning what CBD cream is, how CBD topicals work, and more. Let’s take a look at these questions and learn more about this growing trend. Learn more about how CBD cream can work for nerve pain.


Using CBD for Nerve Pain

Effective treatments for chronic pain have been ongoing. Reports estimate between 50 and 116 million Americans experience some form of chronic pain. The losses eventually add up. Medical expenses grow and productivity decreases, creating a challenge for individuals and families dealing with this issue. The National Library of Medicine found CBD offered myriad benefits to those living with chronic pain, improved quality of life, and helped improve sleep. Find out what the best CBD topical for nerve pain may be.


Topicals to Ease Pain

Most likely no cream is going to fix nerve damage or bring complete healing to nerve pain. Creams can help by numbing and alleviating the pain that comes with nerve damage. Some of the following products are a great place to start in getting support for pain:

  • CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint: contains broad-spectrum CBD. Recommended use is time to quarter-sized amounts. Menthol helps cool the body and caffeine and willow bark help with pain relief.
  • Firstly Relief Lotion: contains full spectrum hemp extract that includes all cannabinoids with small amounts of THC. Other ingredients include arnica flower for anti-inflammatory support, Peppermint hydrosol for antimicrobial use, magnesium for muscle recovery, and more
  • Harmonious CBD Pain Salve: contains full-spectrum CBD and arnica oil. It also includes eucalyptus oil and muscle pain relief

Try some of these topicals for relief. Speak with a dispensary professional who can advise on the best topicals to try for your specific needs. Easing pain can help bring better rest and comfort during the day for a sustainable quality of life.


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