What Does CBD Oil Taste Like

The world can feel like a crazy, mixed-up place. Sometimes people want a way to relax and take stress away or they just want a chill vibe after a long day. Whatever it is, CBD oil is a popular way for people to let loose. What some people new to tryin CBD oil may wonder is how it really tastes and is it any good. Learn more about the taste of CBD oil and why so many people still choose it over other products. 

What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. With no taste, the plant sometimes is infused with flavors. Some may taste leafy and grassy while others have a nuttier taste. The flavor of CBD oil depends on the extracts. Base oils like olive oil and hemp seed oil are used to carry it. Look for natural, non-toxic and safe products. Read packaging, speak with customer service at a chosen company and research what you want before you jump in. Here is some more info to help guide your learning journey about what CBD oil tastes like. 

The Taste of CBD Oil

The first thing people notice when trying CBD oil is the strong flavor. Some say it tastes a bit earthy in tone but many CBD oils are made up of carrier oil while some have a light nutty flavor from extra virgin hemp seeds. Whatever your flavor profile, it is important to learn about how the flavors work and how to choose the right one for you.

Flavored Oils

Flavored CBD oils may contain chemical or natural flavors that mask the taste of pure CBD oil. A flavored version is different from a natural one so it depends what you like in the end. Some of the ways CBD oil taste is affected might include things like:

  • Carrier oil
  • Terpenes
  • Added flavors


Let’s talk about terpenes. Terpenes are a class of compounds that make up a plant or herb’s scent. There are over 20,000 identifiable types of terpenes with the hemp plant containing 200 terpenes. They sometimes get a bad rap for making CBD taste bitter or grassy but only if they are in full-spectrum CBD oils. Most rangers carry varying types and flavors of CBD oil to suit their customers’ tastes. 

Carrier Oil

Carrier oil is a huge influencer in taste and flavor. Hemp seed oil, for instance, is light with nutty tones. Other carrier oils that can be infused with CBD include coconut oil or avocado oil, which is slightly grassy and olive oil. 

Added Flavors

With added flavors, they may be natural or artificial. Read small print on packaging or online before you purchase to make sure it is natural and won’t cause any health issues being artificial.


The market is wide open for CBD oils. From flavors to carrier oils, there are different ways to mask any unpleasant tones in CBD oil. There are at least one or maybe two flavors for everyone. Mindful Medicinals carries various products and will help you choose the best one for your tastes.


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