The Perks of a Soothing CBD Massage

A massage for many people is a great way to escape the hustle of life and settle in for some relaxation. Receiving this nice treat is really good for the body overall to help improve circulation, work out sore muscles and increase overall health. Some people are even turning to CBD massage due to the many benefits. Find out why people love the perks of a soothing CBD massage and how to find good treatment. 

CBD Defined

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the hottest thing right now. A derivative of cannabis, it can be used in lots of ways from CBD oils to tinctures and now offered with massages. This helps the body sleep better and lower stress hormones. An added bonus is the use of CBD in massages does not increase the high some people like to avoid. CBD-infused oil has no odor or color so it won’t be apparent during the massage being used. The perks of a soothing CBD massage are also for the mind as well as the body, helping ease symptoms of depression and easing tension or anxiety. 

Benefits of CBD Massage

Not only will CBD massages naturally help the body release tension, it can also be a very holistic way of helping heal the entire mind and body. When the oil goes topically onto the skin, pain is reduced, blood pressure is improved and inflammation markers go down lowering stress hormones. Digestion issues and muscle tension can be released thru the use of CBD oils. Some additional benefits of CBD massage might include:

  • Relieves tension
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves skin and rejuvenates body
  • Stimulates skin, muscles, and mind for overall wellness

Myriad benefits from CBD massage can enhance the experience and make it a better one overall without any side effects. In addition to physical benefits, mental health and wellness can also be enhanced following a massage. 

Mental Health

A lesser known benefit of CBD massage are mental health benefits. Massage in general is good to ease tension and lower anxiety but the combo use with CBD can have added benefits both short and long term. Whether a person chooses to use this massage one time or over several sessions, it can help improve sleep and promote a well rested body during the day as a long term benefit.

Finding a CBD Massage

Many spas and wellness centers offer massage and include CBD in their offerings. Contact a local massage place or spa to find out if they include CBD infused lotions and oils for your next massage. While the massage technique doesn’t change, CBD products can make a big difference for some people in their levels of relaxation and even lower pain from tension release.

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