What Makes Mindful Medicinal the Best Sarasota Dispensary?

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Mindful Medicinal started as the first CBD store in Sarasota. From those early beginnings until now, the store has grown its product line of high quality extracts to services including spa treatments and even CBD infused meals. Community education and customer support is a priority. Check out what makes Mindful Medicinal the best Sarasota dispensary


Meeting of the “Mind”

When people think of CBD dispensaries, they might have many things come to mind. Mindful Medicinal exists to support customers and future customers in understanding what CBD is, how it works, and why it matters. For people who want to explore CBD treatment for medical conditions or learn about other offerings, consultations are a great way to get started. It allows you, the customer, to get into the flow of what Mindful Medicinal is all about. Walk away from a CBD consultation feeling more educated and informed to make healthy choices that are right for your situation. That personalized care is what sets this Sarasota dispensary apart from others.


CBD and Food

One new area of exploration is infusing CBD with personal chef services. While CBD is available in edibles, now Mindful Medicinal is taking it one step further by bringing fresh, healthy meals to your doorstep. With fresh, infused ingredients, customers can enjoy professionally created and crafted meals personalized for your desires and needs. Whether it’s cocktails or meals, Mindful Medicinal has a personal chef who educates consumers on what they want in their food, infuses meals with those ingredients and adds a pinch of CBD along the way for added health benefits. This includes safely preparing the food for both individual and larger scale catering events. Not only can consumers enjoy fresh meals, they can learn about all the benefits and grow in knowledge of all things CBD along the way.


Spa Treatment

Looking for a local getaway? Look no further than Mindful Medicinals spa. The CBD spa offers CBD facials, massages, and manicures or pedicures. Mindful Medicinal offers infused treatments that leave your skin and body feeling rejuvenated and your mind relaxed. Cannabidiol is an active cannabinoid in the cannabis plant but does not have THC. For this reason, customers love to come to Mindful Medicinal for a relaxing and soothing spa experience. Facials can offer many benefits including healthy detox of toxins, anti-inflammatory properties, and other long-lasting results for the face and overall body.


Mindful Products

Products at Mindful Medicinal are sourced from clean, eco-friendly practices. With 99%+ pure CBD isolate, products are 3rd party tested and every batch is tested for quality, potency, and purity. The Mindful Medicinal guarantee is there to protect the health and safety of consumers so you can feel comfortable knowing the products are created with you in mind.

Every customer who comes to Mindful Medicinal will leave feeling better and more educated about CBD. Come check out all we have to offer and stop by for a free consultation with an on-site expert who will help you find what you need.


To learn more visit us mindfulmedicinal.com to shop our complete line of high quality products.
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To learn more, visit mindfulmedicinalcbd.com to shop our complete line of high-quality CBD products.

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