Is it Possible to Get CBD Withdrawal?

Is it Possible to Get CBD Withdrawal?

Many people are trying CBD for the first time or are more experienced consumers. CBD has many uses, from helping lower inflammation to coping with anxiety, dealing with nausea, and much more. CBD is on many people’s radars because it has finally gotten its time in the spotlight as a safe alternative to medication or using marijuana with THC. Find out why people are turning to CBD, whether CBD withdrawal exists, and how to determine if CBD is right for you.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound in the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant is also known by a more popular name: marijuana. This naturally occurring substance is used in oils and edibles to bring relaxation and calm. There are no psychoactive ingredients in CBD, which attracts those who don’t want a ‘high’ or the feeling THC gives them. People use CBD for different reasons, including reducing inflammation, supporting depression Symptoms, lower anxiety, coping with addiction, getting sleep, and dealing with acute or chronic pain symptoms. Some people may wonder if a dependency can develop on CBD. To gain clarity, it helps to know more about how CBD works and whether you can have CBD withdrawals after use.

How CBD Works

People love to use CBD because it engages the body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids regulate the immune system, mood, stress response, energy, metabolism, and more. This system in the body needs to be efficient without being overactive for a person to feel good. Sometimes when a person has a medical condition, the endocannabinoid system doesn’t function at max capacity. People might try everything from meditation, mindfulness, prescription meds, or CBD to balance and regulate it. CBD can create new pathways for the brain and body to communicate, which helps disrupt the pattern of pain signals and inflammation distributed throughout the body. CBD is used to help cope with these symptoms for better physical and mental functioning but may need to be tapered off if signs of dependency arise. 

Medicinal Benefits

The benefits of CBD are undeniable for those who use it and find support. Because it engages the endocannabinoid system, it helps relieve the stress associated with pain and other conditions or diseases that may be causing pain. Some states people use CBD for include:

  • Anxiety relief and relaxation 
  • Neuropathic pain or inflammation
  • Insomnia, prolonged sleep or deeper, more restful sleep (especially if coping with anxiety, stress, or pain)
  • Cancer treatment or prevention and suppression of cells


Withdrawal and CBD

CBD withdrawal is not very common for various reasons. Cannabidiol, for one, does not create dependency like other drugs. Abuse risks are low to non-existent. This makes CBD a safe alternative to medications or painkillers that may cause addiction and begin withdrawal. Tolerance does not build with CBD as with other drugs, and when a person stops consuming CBD, the old symptoms it was used to help with should be lessened or not as intense.

Quitting CBD and Withdrawal

Cannabidiol is not known to cause dependency due to the low THC levels. It is less addictive than other drugs. As such, medical experts have studied and followed cannabidiol and withdrawal to help people find relief. There are some side effects from CBD consumption, but they are not severe. People wonder if they can get CBD withdrawal, and experts have agreed Cannabidiol can help withdrawal from other drugs like cigarettes, morphine, or heavy THC use. The World Health Organization (WHO) also looked at whether you can have CBD withdrawals and did not find, in most cases, this to be true. It is harder to build a tolerance to CBD since it is unlike other opiates. The effectiveness of CBD for substance abuse and withdrawal has been analyzed and noted.

CBD Use for Withdrawal Symptoms

Instead of CBD withdrawal symptoms being a drawback, CBD is used medically to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms for opiate users. This also includes heroin users who use CBD to help lower anxiety linked to heroin cravings; for instance, CBD can also help lower withdrawal symptoms for alcohol addiction and support overall recovery and functioning as they heal.

CBD is linked to marijuana and THC or other drugs; it can get confusing for a drug that may cause withdrawal. The great thing about CBD is that withdrawal is rare and not typical.

The biggest thing is to track use, speak with a doctor, and write down any changes in mood or behavior once you start CBD. Everyone responds differently. Find the right tincture, oil, or other use of CBD to see if it’s right for you and your situation.

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