Should CBD Oil Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

Should CBD Oil Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

So when exactly is the optimal time to take CBD oil?  First of all, it is important to never take CBD oil on an empty stomach. CBD oil should always be taken with food in your system, but there’s not just one reason behind this fact.  While you can take it immediately before or after your meal, we certainly recommend taking it after.

Taking CBD oil after eating optimizes your chances of it having the highest bioavailability.  With food in your stomach already digesting, the CBD oil that is swallowed has a greater chance to be absorbed by the liver without losing too much of its efficacy seeing that MOST of its effects were already absorbed sublingually.

What is Bioavailability? 

The American Heritage Medical Dictionary defines bioavailability as “the degree to which a drug or other substance is absorbed or becomes available at the site of physiological activity after administration.” In other words, the way CBD is consumed influences its uptake and distribution throughout the body. This is important for consumers to understand when shopping for CBD in order to figure out which products suit them best. The effects of CBD will hit you differently depending on your method of use.  Finding the method that is right for you is the important part of beginning your CBD journey.

What to Eat

The food you eat just before you use CBD oil may further impact how well it absorbs into the rest of your body. Eating foods that contain medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids serves as the best binding agent for CBD and other cannabinoids, which is then more easily and directly metabolized through the liver.  First pass metabolism may still be present, but with the right combination, is limited; therefore increasing the bioavailability.


We recommend Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, and Sesame Oil. Other foods that work well include eggs, meat, fish, avocados, and nuts. These healthy fats that do the body good are an excellent suggestion for what to eat before you take your CBD oil serving. 


Studies show that CBD should be taken after eating.  Eating foods rich in medium chain and long-chain fatty acids before you take your CBD oil is the best option to get the most out of your CBD. 


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