How to Use CBD Distillate Products

How to Use CBD Distillate Products

You may be surprised to learn the many ways you can get in your daily dose of CBD (cannabidiol). While CBD edibles, oils, and topicals are popular, just as many people are looking at more potent products in CBD distillate concentrates, oils, CBD hash, and more. Theonses for CBD distillate vary depending on how a person wants to experience it, but there are many ways to try and enjoy it. 

What is CBD Distillate? 

CBD Distillate is a golden, viscous oil that typically contains around 70-80% CBD. The distillate is a highly refined extract that has undergone distillation,a process to remove certain cannabinoids from the original full-spectrum oil.  Usually the goal is to remove the THC and other alkaloids to leave only CBD isolate in its purest form. 

What Does CBD Distillate Mean?

Distillation is the process of purifying a liquid by evaporation and condensation to remove specific compounds or impurities for a more pure version. You may recall science experiments in school where you boiled salt water to remove the salt, leaving your container full of only pure, clean water. A similar distillation process is administered to CBD oil to produce the more refined oil known as CBD Distillate. 

How to Make CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is done by heating a solution to vaporize a compound and then re-condensing it into a liquid. This CBD distillation process separates it from the other compounds in the solution. Distilled water is made similarly. Consumers who buy CBD distillate online might spend a bit on the product they want when they can quickly learn how to make distillate at home. A short-path distillation unit has three parts to heat and collect the distillate. CBD distillation requires a boiling flask, a condensing head, and a collection flask. The cannabis crude oil is heated in a flask to boiling, then passes through the condensing head and is collected in a flask. It depends on the desired end product and what you are trying to make, and what volume 


Does CBD Distillate have THC?

Due to the intense distillation process, CBD Distillates vs. CBD Isolates contain virtually no THC. As with any production oil, it’s nearly impossible to say whether the distillation has removed every trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol from the original full-spectrum oil. However, almost all commercially available CBD distillates contain less than 0.03% THC, rendering any lingering amount of THC ineffective at producing noticeable effects.

How to Use CBD Distillate? 

When looking for how to take CBD distillate, it is essential to know that it can be added to favorite foods, cosmetics, and more.  The CBD distillate process reduces inhalation and offers a clean flavor. Pure CBD distillates occur when all the THC is removed, even the .3%. If you’re wondering if you can dab CBD distillate, the answer is yes, with the suitable materials. What is CBD distillate used for? It may bring relaxation and pain relief or provide a different way to experience CBD. CBD distillate effects vary, and it depends on how to use distillate as to which way will feel right. CBD distillate uses:

Coconut Oil

Cannabis massage oil is a great product to make at home. Some tips on how to mix CBD distillate with coconut oil:

  • Use 500mg of CBD or THC oil in 1 mL
  • Warm coconut oil to clear liquid form
  • Use a small glass container for the final product
  • Add contents of cannabis distillate and stir until combined
  • Label and store in a secure place

Use a Dab Rig

Essentially, distillate oil is a concentrate, which means you can use it on your favorite dab rig if that’s what you like. Remember that concentrated oils can be a bit easier to use in a dab rig if you pair the rig with a health stone, which is a porous stone you use instead of a nail. However, with easy-to-dispense syringes like ours, you could easily add just a tiny dab to your pin for smoking just the same. As an adage, if you have crystallized CBD distillate, this can make it easier to use the cannabinoids on a dab rig.

Try Homemade Edibles 

Since CBD distillate is highly concentrated, it is fantastic for adding to your edibles. Plus, you don’t get any hash-like flavors in whatever you make. Since distillates have already gone through the process of decarboxylation, which activates the natural cannabinoids through heat, it’s already primed for activation in your edibles.  You don’t have to search far online to find some good recipes. For new home cooks, introduce CBD to your dishes in small doses (5mg increments) until you find the right amount.

Add CBD to Vape Carts 

Since CBD distillate is free from carrier oil additives, it can create your vaping fluids to add to your vape carts or favorite vaping liquid. For example, you could add a few drops to a cart and mix it with your preferred flavored vape juice for a combination of therapeutic quality and flavor. 

When you try any concentrate for the first time, getting the best quality product is always for the best to ensure the best-quality experience. At Mindful Medicinal, we sell only carefully curated hemp products that meet legal compliance standards for quality and cannabinoid content. Take a look at our CBD distillates and other products today.

What to Do With Distillate 

Distillate CBD has many uses. What people choose to do with it varies. The uses are endless, from dab distillate to smoking distillate, putting distillate in coffee, and creating recipes for edibles. Learn some tips on using THC distillate and how much distillate you should use for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Learn how to make distillate capsules, sometimes called ‘canna caps,’ as they are an easy, efficient way to get a dose without great expense
  • Give a hearthstone dab a try where you place the dab onto the hearthstone, heat it up and inhale
  • Learn how to use distillate oil and about the cannabis oil distillation process to make different concentrates, dabs, and more
  • Experiment with and learn how you can dab distillate carts, how you can dab delta eight distillate and learn how to make distillate concentrate (dry hemp to 5-15% water, get rid of the flower from the stem, grind it, extract material and refine the cannabis through filtration)

Can You Smoke Distillate?

The pure distillate is clear and refined due to the cultivation and curing process of the cannabis flower. The result is a high concentration of cannabinoid compounds that create a more pure product with higher potency. If you’re wondering what to do with distillate weed, full-spectrum distillate contains less than 0.3% THC and is relatively easy to use as a dab, vape, or smoke. Pretty much anything is possible with distillate. Some tips on how to smoke distillate include:

  • Filling a vape tank with distillate
  • Put it into rolling paper filled with ground-up dried flower and finish rolling with similar benefits to other ways of using it
  • Use fewer flowers when rolling but also add flavor and enhance the smoke as well as the experience overall

What is a Distillate Syringe?

People unfamiliar with what to do with distillate weed or whether you can dab distillate from a syringe might be surprised to find out how easy it is. THC distillate syringes contain pure cannabis oil that leaves behind pure THC after evaporation of the oil. The product is smoked, used in edibles, or vaped. They offer a quick jolt but are highly concentrated, containing around 90% THC. 

If you want to know where to buy CBD distillate rather than make it, start with dispensaries or go online to reputable places. Start by asking questions about their production process, how they make the product, and if they have a brick-and-mortar presence. All these things will help you decide if and when you want to buy CBD distillate or learn how to make distillate THC independently. 

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